Why People Prefer ACIM for Dummies Over the Original Text

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People prefer ACIM for Dummies over the Original Course in Miracles' text because it:

  • Makes the text easier to read and understand
  • Saves years of frustration and study time involving the comprehension of A Course in Miracles
  • Allows you to finally understand what you have been reading.
  • Provides an explanatory note after each ACIM text paragraph
  • Often reveals a deeper message that you might miss
  • Provides practical “how to steps” to implement so that ACIM can change your life.
  • Replaces unclear references with what the text is actually referencing
  • Decodes and deciphers ACIM's unusual use of terms
  • Helps you drop the blame, shame and guilt game of your ego's fear-based thought system
  • helps reestablish inner peace, joy and happiness in your life.
  • Helps you learn how to control, manage and eliminate fear in your life
  • Clarifies what level of “reality” the ACIM text is discussing

Testimonials From Around the World

“You made it so simple I had so many questions and you answered all of them...you simply were a tool to manifest an answer. Great book.” Barnes & Noble , USA
“This amazing work is truly inspired. The sometimes difficult to understand language and message of ACIM has been expressed in clear terminology. It is a remarkable reference tool for the beginning student or the more advanced. Facilitating a group study using this would be very helpful.” Barnes & Noble , USA
“I love your book and made tremendous progress with my depth and connection with my inner voice by understanding what I read.” J.F.,  MN, USA

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