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"This helps to unravel some of the confusing language and gives clear meaning to the remarkable life changing work that ACIM is. It makes ACIM more accessible to everyone rather than only the few serious Course students who have been dedicated to this spiritual path. I think this will assist any facilitator in starting a study group either using this text as the study volume or as an adjunct resource to the class.”  K.K., United Kingdom

“You made it so simple I had so many questions and you answered all of simply were a tool to manifest an answer. Great book.” Barnes & Noble , USA
"This book provides an insightful student of the Course assistance in understanding some of the Text's passages. Having studied the Course for over 25 years, reading of the Text may seem tedious at times ... ACIM for Dummies is invaluable to clarify what various words refer to. For me the "notes" are more than worth the price of this ebook and could easily serve to support individual study or be the focus for a group discussion. I facilitated a group for 18 years in Colorado and am enthused about starting another group using ACIM for Dummies!" B.K.,  CO. USA
“I love your book and made tremendous progress with my depth and connection with my inner voice by understanding what I read.” J.F.,  MN, USA
“My understanding of Jnana Yoga as taught by Ramana Maharshi improved after I started reading ACIM. I first started with the books by Gary Renard, Disappearance of the Universe and Your immortal Reality. Then I started reading ACIM second edition by FCIM. Then I purchased audio version of ACIM from Spiritual Ear, then I read Kenneth Wapnick on internet, purchased many of his audios. In spite of all these I was finding it difficult to clearly understand the contents of ACIM. At last I purchased ACIM for dummies from Amazon on kindle and this made a huge difference in my understanding of ACIM. You have explained very well in notes and insertion of suitable words in the text makes it easier to understand the text... Earlier I used to be unhappy after reading Ramana Maharshi's teachings because of lack of clear understanding of the teachings. After starting reading ACIM for dummies, I am peaceful reading both and I find no contradictions.”   S.R. ,India
“A Course in Miracles for Dummies has been a great help in my understanding of A Course in Miracles. Although I have been in a study group for years, I did not have a clear and concise knowledge of the course but this was due to the difficulty in reading the book. It is often unclear to me. The insertion of the references for the pronouns and the annotated paragraphs has given me a fuller and richer understanding of the course's teachings. This practical approach has given me a greater understanding and appreciation for ACIM which is the basis for my spiritual beliefs which I can now put into practice.” Barnes & Noble , USA
In my ACIM class, this paragraph  below (T-4.II.2) was utilized by the teacher to claim that we were responsible for other people's actions and problems. He stated that the third sentence “Their interaction is a process that alters both...” refereed to our physical interaction with others and that we were responsible for our brother's actions. Because of our interaction with others, we had a duty to judge and correct others. He stated we had a responsibility to fix them and that we were our brother's keeper as well as the guardians for the planet. Although this explanation didn't “feel” right, who was I to question the teacher. Yet, since I had ACIM for Dummies, I was able to point out what the words were actually referencing. When we examined the text closely, it was obvious to all that the words “their” and “both” referenced the egos we create within our own mind. It was this interaction of the egos that I had created for all within my own mind that was the problem. My mind's thinking needed correction. I needed to stop seeing myself or anyone else as a body, a victim or limited.  I did not have to save the planet. Instead of making someone wrong or claiming they were an innocent victim, it now became my responsibility to hold the truth about myself and my sinless brother. This was a mind changing moment since it meant I was responsible for the egos I create within my world of perception, but not for other people's actions. All events are neutral.  We can allow without engaging in either blame or guilt. To do so only makes the illusion that we are a body appear real. Because I had ACIM for Dummies, I was able to feel confident enough to challenge the instructor's understanding and help him remove the burden of guilt that had always haunted him. We are not a failure because we do not solve someone's perceived problems. We are responsible for own thinking. Instead of judging and correcting others, we need only correct our error in thinking and our mind will be healed. By holding the truth for all, we can aid another without blame, guilt or making them wrong." J.W.,  MI , USA.
“I have been studying The Course in Miracles for a number of years without much success in truly understanding what I was reading. Then I came across The Course in Miracles for Dummies and began to understand, with Mr. Wakechild's notes, the meaning behind the words. It has helped me to accept myself and everyone I meet with love and respect and most importantly, I have learned to "honor their journey"   N.H.,  OH, USA
“I've had over 20+ years experience working with ACIM. Tom's insightful writing of ACIM for Dummies has certainly shed some valuable new light on some of the more difficult passages. Tom is skilled at articulating the beautiful messages being transmitted throughout ACIM. Definitely a piece of work to have at your right hand while studying ACIM.” T.R.,  AZ, USA
“Tom's books have been the greatest help for understanding the Text of " A Course in Miracles" for our study group. With the "notes" that follow each passage in Tom's "A Course in Miracles for Dummies" books he is able to make clear the meaning behind the passage we have just read. This often reveals a message we would have missed.” S.O.,  WA, USA
“This amazing work is truly inspired. The sometimes difficult to understand language and message of ACIM has been expressed in clear terminology. It is a remarkable reference tool for the beginning student or the more advanced. Facilitating a group study using this would be very helpful.” Barnes & Noble , USA
“I bought A Course in Miracles for Dummies and I cannot believe how wonderful it is and easy to understand ACIM! Sorry for my spelling in English as I am Spanish.” F.P.,  Spain
“This book has helped me understand the "Course in Miracles". It has detailed explanation notes after each paragraph. The book is well worth the money. I recommend it for all.” Amazon, USA
“Every student of ACIM will benefit from ACIM For Dummies. The author has amplified and explained the entire work and makes understanding much easier. Even after many years of studying ACIM, I am finding Mr. Wakechild's work a wonderful aid. It actually makes reading and understanding ACIM much more effective.  I highly recommend it.” M.W.,  AZ, ,USA
“I tried reading the original text and found it too difficult to follow. I have a problem with "dogma" anyway so it was especially difficult. For Dummies is helping a lot. Why am I reading it if I have a problem with dogma? Like the course, I have been led to it and told to read it.” Amazon, USA
I have been a student of ACIM for almost 20 years. Tom Wakechild's notes have been a God's send in clearing up difficult passages for me. I highly recommend "A Course in Miracles for Dummies". B.N.,  CA, USA
“This is a GREAT tool. Every student of ACIM will want this. The author has made an exhaustive effort with this amplification of the course. As we all know, ACIM is multi-level and can sometimes be difficult to understand. In the tradition of the "Dummies" books, this is a wonderful help to my study. Highly recommended.“  M.W.,  OR. , USA
This book is simply marvelous. Mr. Wakechild has simplified the meaning of all the paragraphs for us. He is a genius in the course in Miracles. I am so delighted with my purchase. I recommend it to anyone who is going to study the course. J.R.,  AZ, USA