The Promise. Controlling, Managing and Eliminating Fear in our life.

 The Promise. Controlling, Managing and Eliminating Fear in our life.

 A Course in Miracles for Dummies is designed to help you understand and implement A Course In Miracles into your life.  If you can understand this philosophy and adopted it into your own life, you can not only learn to control and manage fear but it also becomes possible to eliminate all remnants of fear.  A Course In Miracles (ACIM) states that it is your responsibility to manage and control your fear but the course does not just leave it there. Instead, ACIM actually provides a systematic methodology that when properly understood and applied will assist you in minimizing and actually illuminating fear from your life.

Fear arises any time we believe that we lack the creative power to handle a given situation.  Fear is the result of incorrectly answering either of these two questions.  The first question is “Who am I?”  The second is “What do I value and why?”  When you fail to answer either of these two questions correctly, fear will be the natural outgrowth that will manifest and dominate your life’s experiences.  When we learn to answer these questions correctly however, there are numerous benefits that automatically flow into our lives.  We discover that we possess a much greater capacity to be the causative agent within our lives. When we define ourselves as unlimited spirit, we realize that we have been given both the freedom and the creative ability that allows us to live a rich, full, happy, self-directed life.   When you correctly answer these two questions, “Who am I?” and “What I value and why?” you will be able to say with perfect honesty and without any fear that today is a great day to live. Yet, you will also be able to say in perfect honesty and without fear that today would also be a great day to die.  For you will know that no matter what happens you will be okay.  You know that you are not the body. You are a spiritual essence that can not die.  You can choose to discard the costume that you call the physical body but that does end your existence. You rest in the fact that you remain as God created you, perfect, whole and complete. You know the truth that as God’s beloved Child you remain part of the Oneness of All That Is.

Speaking for myself, I know that my early life was dominated by fear. As a child, I hated to wake up in the morning because I feared what the day might bring.  I feared the day even more since I knew I would be judged as inadequate or not good enough by my family, teachers, society and peers. At night, I was unable to sleep because I feared the new pains and embarrassment that tomorrow would bring.  The underlying belief of not being good enough and of constantly being judged and found inadequate was overwhelming. I found the three themes of not being perfect, not being whole and feeling very incomplete dominated all aspects of my life. I was frozen by fear and incapable of being proactive or causative in my life. I claimed to be an innocent victim of forces that were beyond my control.  I was never free to be in the moment. Free to be in the <now>. For I was always accompanied by my constant companion called Fear.  Fear was always beside me. Perhaps hidden, but always lurking in the background ready to rear its ugly head and disturb my inner peace.

I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we felt insecure and inadequate. Yet by understanding and adopting the philosophical and practical methodology of A Course In Miracles these feelings of inadequacy and not being good enough can be controlled, managed and even eliminated from our life.  Fear no longer has to be the controlling factor in our lives.  By adopting ACIM’s new paradigm, we are empowered with a new creative mindset.  As the writer, editor and star of our own story, we can move into a more richly rewarding self-directed life.  We can realize that we have been given the creative power to be the writers of our own script.  We are totally free to be or manage anything we would like; knowing that we remain perfectly safe in God’s loving arms. We do not have to beat ourselves up over our past poor choices. Instead, we see life’s experiences as merely learning lessons. Each is designed to teach and entertain. If we are not satisfied with our performance we simply need to choose differently. We will be given as many opportunities as we need until we will eventually master each lesson. Our world of individuated perception now becomes a game board for reawakening to the truth of what we are. Instead of a world of conflict, pain and struggle, this physical dimension of time and space now become a playschool for growth.

Sally was probably no different than you and I. She was a kind and loving person and most people might have even considered her a “saint.” Yet Sally lived in fear. She was always questioning her motives and whether or not she had acted properly or in a totally loving way. Since she was overcritical of herself, she often would find fault with how she had behaved. She would question whether her actions were really motivated out of love or if she had was some hidden ulterior motive. Because of this over analysis, Sally would often perceive herself as failing to achieve her goal of being only love. The realization that this world was merely a playschool for learning and that we had all the time we needed to get it right was a god-sent to Sally. Rather then beat herself up for her past actions, she merely needed to learn the lesson and simply choose again. Life is not meant to be a life and death struggle with hell constantly hanging in the balance. Sally could now relax and enjoy the journey. This brought her great relief for her own self-imposed fear. This ACIM concept of simply “Choose Again” was the key to managing and eliminating tons of fear from Sally’s life.  It allowed Sally to transform her self-created God of Judgment into the true God of Unconditional Love. It meant that she could lighten up on herself and just be happy instead of judging if she had got it right. This worked for Sally and it can work for you.

In a playschool, we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously.  The purpose of a Playschool is to learn and have fun. We learn to laugh more as we enjoy the journey of reawakening to our true spiritual magnificence. We understand that each has been given all the time one needs. Each one of us is on our own perfect path and exactly where we needs to be. There are no victims or victimizers, only volunteers. We are all going to make it because our return to Truth is guaranteed by God. God’s Will is that we be happy.  We realize that our false image making abilities only has power over a delusional mind that believes its illusion or dreams to be real.  A dream has no ability to change one’s true reality.  Once awakened the dream simply fades away.  We remain is God created us, perfect, whole and complete.  We are God’s beloved child with whom God is well please.  We merely need to reawaken to the truth of what we are and thus reclaim our divine birthright.

Being happy now becomes more important than being right.  Happiness, rather than being right, is our only purpose and goal. We realize that as the decision-maker in our lives, we have the power to call any experiences into our conscious awareness.  The physical world that once appeared to be solid, immovable and beyond our power to control is now understood to be a world of private individuated perception. As such, there is nothing outside our mind that can cause us to loose our inner peace unless, of course, we choose to allow it to. Your perception belongs within the dominion of your own mind.  Projection makes perception and your world is a reflection of your own mind’s thinking.

Fear is now recognized as false evidence appearing real.  We now recognize that as the decision-maker, we merely need to choose a new plan.  We need merely to discard all beliefs in limitation and accept the truth that we remain as God created us. We simply reclaim our divine birthright.  This is easier said than done.  Yet, this is why A Course In Miracles is referred to as total mind retraining. ACIM is the overthrowing of a fear-based thought system in exchange for a thought system based on the truth of what you are.  A Course In Miracles is not some esoteric text on philosophical theory that is impossible to adopted into your every day life. Instead, ACIM is a practical guide for self-empowerment and self-realization. It contains a workbook section that is designed to transplant the theory that is found in the Text from the head to the heart. Its three hundred sixty-five daily workbook lessons are design to do that transformation process. These lessons help retraining the mind into proper thinking that aligns and supports the truth of what we truly are.  Thus, transformation from fear-based to love-based thought system is achieved. Fear can now be, not just managed, but eliminated.

There’s never been anything wrong with us.  God knows and see us has He creating us, perfect, whole and complete.  We always remain that way, yet somewhere along the way we have forgotten the truth about ourselves.  We have denied our divine birthright.  Our plan may be misguided and we may be currently suffering from a case of stinking thinking. We may be in need of a spiritual enema to remove all traces of erroneous thinking. Yet, there is nothing wrong with us for we remain as God Created us. There has never been anything that can change what God created.  This being the case, we merely need to adopt a new plan and listen to the Voice for God that has been placed within us to guide us home.  We need the following a new teacher.  A teacher, who knows truth about who we truly are. We need to ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and simply “Choose Again.”

Coming join with me and together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit you too can escape fear. This is your time.  You’ve waited long enough.  Let’s face it, aren’t you sick and tired of being stuck in a fear-based thought system.  You cannot be happy when fear and judgment are constantly lurking in the background. Fear is no longer an acceptable option for a Holy Child of God. Life is to live without fear. You can make a different choice. Decide today to freely choose to make a quantum leap into a love-based thought system and escape the clutches fear forever.

Come with an open mind and let’s explore God’s Plan for salvation.

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  1. cristina
    1 year ago

    Thank you for this article and for the site. I’ve just found your site and it is of great help. I am studying ACIM and your notes on each workbook lesson are very good. I will be here very day from now until the end of the course. I’m only on lesson 40.
    Love and gratitude. Cristina

  2. tom
    1 year ago

    Hi Cristina. 9-18-16

    Great to hear from you and it is nice to know that your find ACIM for Dummies helpful. Both the ACIM Text and the Workbook are available in “Dummies format with explanatory notes and can be purchase form my website or Amazon in paperback or digital.
    In regards to the workbook lessons, I would suggest that your goal is to get thorough all 365 lessons rather than try to get each lesson “perfect.” If you miss a day or two just continue where you left off. Often the answers that you seek in the current lesson will be resolve in the next few lessons.
    Don’t allow yourself to get stuck on one lesson since tiis is an egoic trick. After you have completed all the lessons you can go back over them in as much detail as you like. I still do the daily lesson every year.

    God’s Will is that you be happy. All will reawaken to that truth. No one can rob you of your inner peace unless you allow them to for you are the ultimate source for your world of perception.

    Peace and love are attributes in you. It does not come from outside. You are already what you seek but we have to relearn that truth in this play school of time and space.
    In time, love is the creative process in which time is utilized to reawaken sleeping minds to the truth about who they really are which is the Christ.
    Unfortunately, we have been brought up in a society that believes love must be earned and that your worth is determine by what you do. Your ego also believes this to be the truth. Yet the Holy Spirit, your Higher Self, knows your worth is freely given you by divine birthright and cannot be earned or lost. We can deny God’s love, but our denial cannot stop the continuous flow of that love to us.
    Most have been taught that God is a God of judgment and therefore if we screw up, we will be punished. Unfortunately this belief in a God of Judgment and that our worth is determine by what we do, gives most people a warped notion of what love is. They believe that if you love someone, it is your right and perhaps your duty, to fix, control, change, impress or protect the supposed object of their love because they love you. ACIM says that this is not true love but actually an attack. This so called “conditional love” is actually another form of fear that masquerades as true Love.
    “Conditional love” is our ego’s effort to confuse and control.
    True Love allows and grants the recipient of someone’s unconditional love the freedom to make their own way without condemnation or judgment. Unconditional love means that nothing another could do could force the giver of this love to stop its flow to that person. It cannot be lost or earned since it is totally and completely given. The recipient of unconditional love can deny that the flow is there, but their denial cannot stop the flow from the giver.

    As Jesus says , “ If you want to be like me, I will help you, knowing we are the same. If you want to be different, I will wait until you change your mind.”
    It is interesting that Jesus’ Love does not make you wrong or force you to be like him. To do so, would be to disempower you and would be an attack. He simply holds the truth that you are like him, unlimited spirit. That you are on your own perfect path, and that you eventual will reawaken to the truth of who you are. If you want help at some latter time, he will be there. But he knows that each is on their own perfect path and that all are guaranteed by God to make it and,therefore, he can allow and honor your journey without judging you or making you wrong or stupid.
    On this game board of time and space, holding this truth for all is what love is all about.

    In this world of perception, a person’s beliefs override reality.
    This world is not about what you accomplish, but rather what you learn.
    We are here to learn how to manage, control and ultimately eliminate fear from our lives. Fear becomes the blocks we place in front of the realization that love is only real and that we are only love.
    Realize that each is on their own perfect path and realize that each remains as God created all, perfect, whole and complete and love will blossom. You will be the peace and love that you seek in your world will reflect those same beliefs.

    Fear arises any time you believe that you lack the creative power to handle a given situation. Fear is the result of incorrectly answering either of these two questions.
    The first question is “Who am I?”
    The second is “What do I value and why?”
    When you incorrectly answer either question, fear will dominate your life.
    When you answer correctly these two questions about who you are and what you value and why, you access the creative power within you to become the agent for change in your life. By redefining yourself as unlimited spirit, you possess both the freedom and the creative ability to live a full and happy self-directed life. The love and peace that you are will light the world as you perceive it.

    So Who is Cristina?”
    “What does Cristina value and why?”
    I look forward to your answer. Let me know what you think.
    Create a great day,
    Tom Wakechild

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