Decoding & Living ACIM: Online Class in 12 sessions.

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Purpose: This multiple session ACIM study plan is designed to familiarize students with the main principles, terms and concepts that are encountered in A Course In Miracles’ textbook. ACIM uses common terms in uncommon ways. The study plan for each class teaches the participant the core concepts found in the ACIM text thereby enabling the student to complete their own study of ACIM either independently or in a group setting. No previous study of ACIM is required. These multiple session class will provide students with a firm platform for their ongoing personal study of A Course in Miracles.

Week 1 – Nothing Real Can Be Threatened – Illusion Vs. Reality

Week 2 – God, God’s Will & Free Will

Week 3 – Sharing, Creation & Projection

Week 4 – The Trinity, Consciousness and the Dream of Separation

Week 5 – Logic and the Two Thought Systems

Week 6 – The Ego’s Unholy Trinity: Sin, Guilt & Fear

Week 7 – The Problem, the Ego’s Solution & the Correct Answer

Week 8 – Justice, Judging & Forgiveness – Two Approaches, Two Results

Week 9 – Genesis and the Atonement

Week 10 – Choose Again

Week 11 – Recovering the Hidden You – Your Decision-Maker

Week 12– A Paradigm for Change: Exchanging Time for Eternity

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